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House type and house price
Room type Market price No breakfast price Breakfast included  
Special price single room 430 248 268 Single breakfast
Standard Twin Room 650 298 320 Breakfast for two
Ordinary big bed room 573 308 328 Breakfast for two
Superior Double 725 350 380 Breakfast for two
Executive King 837 428 450 Breakfast for two
Business Twin Room 837 428 450 Breakfast for two
Parent child Suite 1484 / 588 Breakfast for three
Business Suite 1941 728 808 Breakfast for two

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Booking Remarks:
1、enjoy gymnasium free of charge with the room card.
2、The above price has already contained service charge, namely the Anteroom Service accounts price physically.
3、 Time for room return ends at 12:00 a.m. , return before 18:00 p.m., add to accept the rent of 50%; return after 18:00 p.m., add to accept a day rent.
4、Unless secured, booking is generally reserved till 6:00 p.m.
5、the room price doesn't contain the charge of beverage and sock.